"Darling" Liebling - clay, 7:00 min
Year of Production: 2013, Germany

Format DCP, color, 1:1.85 Original Version German Dubbed Version English

What is it like when you have lost your memory, when you wake up and you cannot even recognize your husband? A woman wakes up from a dream facing a stranger who claims to be her husband. DARLING deals with loss, intimacy as well as alienation, helplessness and despair, but also hope.



Director/ Animation: Izabela Plucinska

Background: Agata Rojek, Izabela Plucinska

Editing: Daniel Scheimberg

Music, Sound: Detlef Schitto, Mix Studio 1141 www.studio1141.de

Voices Kathrin Angerer, Theo Vadersen

Dialog: I.Plucinska. Justyna Celeda, Agata Rojek, Anna Jadowska

Inspired by Theater Play 'Uterus' by Maria Wojtyszko

Producer: Robert Kern, Christine Haupt, Izabela Plucinska

Production Companies: ClayTraces/Berlin,

Hauptfilm Produktion/Leipzig www.hauptfilm.eu

With backing from Medienboard Berlin- Brandenburg, German Federal Film Board, BKM .

Festivals Annecy 2013 /In Competition !

Gabriel-Max.Str.13 10245 Berlin Germany









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