"Backyard" - Colour, 35 mm film, clay-mation, 2:00 min
Year of Production: 1999
PWSFiTV Polish National Film School in Lodz

A man in blue appears in an old, monochromatic backyard. He sees the old people around him and notices a women. She transforms into a dustbin. He then realizes that the others have transformed into objects also. Disappearing from our world into the material's world of the old backyard.

Realization Izabela Plucinska
Music Maciej Sobczynski
Artistic supervisor Henryk Ryszka,Stanislaw Sliskowski
Sound Maciej Knaga
Montage Joanna Fabicka
Camera operator Stanislaw Kucner
Script writer Izabela Plucinska
Production PWSFTViT Lodz



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