"Breakfast" - "Sniadanie" (pol.)
Colour, 35 mm film, clay-motion, 2:20 min

Year of Production
: 2006

At the breakfast table a man and a woman don’t have anything to say to each other...until a wind blows into room and turns their live on its ear.

Director / Animation: Izabela Plucinska
Producer: Izabela Plucinska/ClayTraces Germany
Executive producer: Alina Gaworska
Delegate Producer: Jamila Wenske/ClayTraces Germany
Editing: Mateusz Dymek
Music: Tomasz Duda

Television broadcast by
TV Kultura Poland in September 2006

International Festival/Prize:

2008 Renzo Kinoshita Prize International Animation Film Festival Hiroshima , Japan



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BREAKFAST from izabela plucinska on Vimeo.




2008 Izabela Plucinska