"Jam Session" - Animation with dialog
Plasticine, 9:30 Minutes, digital copie on 35mm.
Music: Raz Dwa Trzy "It's worth to live anyway"
Production: HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg

Action takes place in an appartment of a married couple living above a music club.

That night 'RAZ DWA TRZY' plays in the club.

Teresa and Viktor are about 50 years old. They are tired and bored by their long relationship. They are ordinary overweight people.

That night they cannot sleep because of the loud music comming from the club downstairs. They do not know why, but they are in a need of music which takes them away from their boring live.

Viktor and Teresa lie next to each other in the bed of their bedroom. Viktor is smoking a cigarette.

Teresa tells him to turn off the tab in the bathroom. Viktor goes angry into the bathroom. He pulls strange faces in front of the mirror. Teresa is curious about what Viktor is doing. She spies at him.


Teresa and Viktor meet each other at the bathroom's door. Both can not fit through the door-frame. Their plasticine colours mix with each other: Viktor's white shirt mixes with Teresa's yellow chemise. Both try to clean themself by pushing the other plasticine color away from their clothes.

The music comming from downstairs gets louder. The appartment starts to shake: Pictures on the wall, the box on the closet, the alarm clock.



Viktor lies in the bed. Teresa stands in front of the closet and tries to put on her old, elegant red dress. Viktor doesn't pay attention to Teresa and reads a newspaper. The dress is too small but Teresa seems not to care about it.

Suddenly a box with photographs falls out of the closet. The photographs spread all over the floor. Viktor catches one showing them dancing when they were young. The people on this photograph get in motion. They start to dance to the music from downstairs.

Teresa in her small dress and Viktor in his pyjamas start to dance clumsy and while they try to make a turn over they fall on the floor. The band downstairs stops playing the music. The people in the club clap their hands. Viktor and Teresa lie on the floor. They are happy. They feel that the ovations from downstairs is ment for them.



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Realization Izabela Plucinska
Idee „Jam Session“ Maciej Zenon Bordowicz
Adam Nowak,Grzegorz Szwalek, Jacek Olejarz,
Jaroslaw Trelinski, Miroslaw Kowalik
Text Adam Nowak
Montage Dirk Schreier
Voice Ewa Szykulska, Wiktor Zborowski
Camera operator Izabela Plucinska
Script writer Izabela Plucinska, Justyna Celeda
Dialog Anna Jadowska, Silke Kaiser Chimney Pot
Foley Artist Günter Röhn
Production Jamila Wenske
Executive co-producer Holger Lochau
HFF “ Konrad Wolf” Potsdam –Babelsberg 2004
Nipkow Programm Berlin

Jam Session, Preise [deutsch]

  • Berlinale 2005, 10.-20. Februar 2005 in Berlin, Silberner Bär in der Kategorie Kurzfilm
  • ”Jutro Film 2005” (Future of the Film), 15.-17. April 2005 in Warschau, Polen, Main Prize ex equo in der Kategorie Animation
  • cellu l’art – 5. Jenaer Kurzfilmfest, 20.-22. Mai 2005 in Jena, Besondere Anerkennung der Jury
  • XV “Message to Man” International Film Festival, 15.-22. Juni 2005 in Sankt Petersburg, Russland, Centaur Prize
  • Short Tiger Award 2005, Preisverleihung am 27. Juni 2005 im Rahmen des Filmfests München, Nominierung in der Kategorie Kurzfilm
  • 48. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar und Animationsfilm, 3.-9. Oktober 2005 in Leipzig, Silberne Taube in der Kategorie Animationsfilme und –videos
  • Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2005, Preisverleihung am 4. November 2005 in Potsdam, Nominiert in der Kategorie Animationsfilm
  • Die beste Animationsfilm FICA Algavre International Film Festival 15-21 Mai 2006, Portugal

Prize Jam Session [english]

  • Silver Bear Short Film Competition, 55th International Film Festival, Berlin, 10-20.02.2005 Germany
  • Best Animation ex equou „Jutro Film” Warszawa, Poland
  • Short Tiger Award, Germany, 27.06. 2005
  • Centaur Prize, Sankt- Petersburg, Russland, 15-22.07.2005
  • Silver Mikeldis for Animation, BILBAO, Spain, 2005
  • Silver Pigeon, 48 International Film Festival in Leipzig 2005
  • Nominated for German Short film Award 2005
  • Best Animation Film FICA Algarve International Film Festival, Portugal 2006

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