"On the Other Side"
Colour, 35 mm film, clay-motion, 4:50 min
Year of Production: 2002
PWSFiTV Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland

The story takes place in a photo-atelier, where a lonely photographer observes and describes a world through his pictures.

These photos come alive and our photographer becomes part of their story. In one of the picture, he falls in love with a womon who has two children.



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On The Other Side / Po drugiej stronie from izabela plucinska on Vimeo.



Realization Izabela Plucinska
Music Henryk Kuzniak, Maciej Sobczynski
Artistic supervisor Henryk Ryszka, Krzysztof Rynkiewicz
Sound Maciej Knaga
Montage Marcin Fischer, Izabela Plucinska
Camera operator Stanislaw Kucner
Script writer Izabela Plucinska
Production PWSFTViT Lodz

© 2008 Izabela Plucinska