Izabela Plucinska
Born in Koszalin in Poland on 06.10.1974. She studied at Lódz Art School and Film School until the year 2000 and took up studies at “Konrad Wolf” Film School in Potsdam- Babelsberg, Germany in 2003.

In 2004 she finished studying as well as her graduate film project "Jam Session". It was accepted for the short film competition at the Berlin Film festival 2005, where it won her a silver bear.

In 2006 she's made "Breakfast" for Polish television. She's directed and produced “7 More Minutes” and "Marathon", which was her first collaboration with Spela Cadez.

Together with her production-collaborator at the Babelsberg-Filmschool Jamila Wenske, she founded her own production company "Clay Traces"in Berlin. In 2010 Producer Robert Kern took over for Jamila Wenske to further work with Izabela.

Last year she finish her largest project 25min, an adaptation of the popular German picture book "ESTERHAZY" by Irene Dische and Hans-Magnus Enzensberger.

Her last clay film 'Josette and her Daddy' is an adaptation by E.Ionesco, which was her work with Agata Rojek and Yann Jouette.

Right now she is working in Berlin with Agata Rojek, Robert Kern and Christina Haupt on her new project to date 'Sex für Lustlose'

She just finished her new film DARLING.


'Darling' digital, clay, 7 min 2013

'Afternoon' digital, clay, 3min 2012
Josette and her Daddy digital on 35, clay, 8min 2010

Esterhazy digital digital on 35, clay, 25min, 2009
Best Short Animation International Film Festival Expresion en Corto Guanajuato Mexico
2010 The Honourable Mentions 50st Krakow Film Festival, Poland
2010 Grand Prix Internatonal Festival Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2010 Bester Kurzfilm CORBY's International
Best short Film CORBY's International Short Film Festival
Northamptonshire, UK

7 More Minutes digital on 35, clay,7:30 2008
Marathon Digi Beta, clay, 5min 2008

Breakfast digital on 35, clay, 2:20 2006
Reno-Kinoschita Prize, Hiroshima, Japan 2008

Jam Session , digital on 35mm, clay, 9:39 2005
Silver Bear Short Film Competition 55.International Film Festival, Berlin
Short Tiger Award, Germany 2005
Silver Mikeldis for Animation. Bilbao, Spain 2005
Nominated for German Short Film Award 2005

On The Other Side' 35mm - clay, 4:30min 2002
Twin' 35mm - clay, 3:20min 2000
Backyard' 35mm- clay, 2:30min 1999
Castling' 35mm-Kodak , paper colage, 2:00 1998

Ongoing Project:
               2013 'Sex für Lustlose' digital on 35mm, clay, 07:00min


I am a filmmaker for animated films. I finished the Academy of Arts in Lodz (Graphics and Design) and the Polish National Film School in Lodz -Animation Departament. During my studies in the Film School I found techniques which I wanted to continue to develop and express my arts with. The mentioned technique is sculpturing with clay, which resembles relief.

Two glass surfaces are used to achieve feelings of dimentionality and escaping from flatness. In my films I want to mix surreal feelings which are given by the image of clay sculpturing with feelings of reality - which give for example sound effects of existing real things (like step sounds, real voices, etc.). I use side light to intense the facture of what sculpture. When one picture (relief) converts to another it results in an image that is close to painting techniques.

© 2013 Izabela Plucinska